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Final Fantasy XIII

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Final Fantasy XIII [13] is and upcoming rpg being developed by Square Enix [naturally]. It will be released for Playstation 3 in Japan, then for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 in Europe and North America. Final Fantasy XIII is the flagship title of the "Fabula Nova Crystallis Final Fantasy XII" collection. The game shares a common mythology with Agito and Versus, but they are not directly related to each other. Motomu Toriyama, a director and scenario writer of previousFinal Fantasy titles, will direct and write the game's story.

The gameplay will once again use ATB [active time battle] but with an extra 'twist' than before Laughing

The plot focuses on the fal'Cie, a race existing beyond humanity. The people marked by the fal'Cie for a greater purpose are named the l'Cie. Some 13 centuries ago, a mythical Crystal told the fal'Cie to construct a paradise for humanity. The shell-like city of Cocoon was created and floated high above the
surface of the world now known as Pulse, which is later maintained by
its own Crystal. In present day, the wilderness of Pulse has strange effects on people,
and the Holy Government of Cocoon quarantines and exiles from the city
anyone who has been influenced by Pulse. A woman codenamed Lightning is chosen by the Crystals to be the enemy of humanity and bring about the downfall of the world.

Lightning has long strawberry-blonde hair and is 178cm tall. For her design, character designer Tetsuya Nomura was asked to create a "female version of Cloud Strife from Final fantasy VII". During development, he has described her as "not very feminine". Lightning wields a combination of a gun and a sword, which can also manipulate gravity.



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